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The Essential Port Services Industry in PNG is declared under Section 25A of the PNG Harbours Act to be a regulated industry for the purposes of the ICCC Act.

In accordance with Section 32 of the ICCC Act, the Minister for Treasury declared the supply of essential port services and stevedoring access to be regulated services. The Minister also declared PNG Ports Corporation to Limited (“PNG Ports”) to be a regulated entity.

As a result of these respective declarations, the Commission is responsible for regulating the tariffs and minimum service standards of essential port services and stevedoring access provided by PNG Ports at its declared ports around PNG.

The current PNG Ports Regulatory Contract (“Regulatory Contract”) was established in 2015 after a review of the PNG Harbours Regulatory Contract. This Regulatory Contract will end on 31st December, 2019.

The supply of Essential Port Services which are the subject of the Regulatory Contract includes;

  • Wharfing services;
  • Berthing services;
  • Berth reservation services; and
  • Other declared regulated services.

PNG Ports Regulatory Contract Review Documents