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Postal Services

The supply of postal services has been declared to be a regulated industry for the purposes of ICCC Act pursuant to section 19(1) of the Postal Services Act 1996 (hereafter the ‘Postal Act’).

Therefore, under section 32 of the ICCC Act, the Minister for Treasury declared the supply of postal services to be regulated services through a gazette notice pursuant to section 32(1) of the ICCC Act. Furthermore, the Minister for Treasury also declared Post PNG Limited (hereafter ‘Post PNG’) to be a regulated entity pursuant to section 32(2) of the ICCC Act.

Post PNG is a monopoly provider of reserved postal services within Papua New Guinea and between Papua New Guinea and other countries, pursuant to section 10 of the Postal Act.

The Commission regulates Post PNG in accordance with the regulatory requirements set out under the Postal Services Regulatory Contract (Regulatory Contract). The Regulatory Contract between the ICCC and Post PNG was established pursuant to the section 35 of the ICCC Act and the Postal Act.

In accordance with the Regulatory Contract, the ICCC is responsible for setting the:

  • Prices for standard letter stamps (50grams or less) for both domestically and international mail;
  • Rental of private letter boxes (small, medium, large); and
  • Private mail bags

The previous Regulatory Contract expired in 2011 and the Commission issued a new Regulatory Contract that came into effect from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2021.

Postal Services Regulatory Contract Review Documents