Authorisation Applications

All the ICCC’s determinations relating to authorisation is kept here. To view the details of the respective application and the ICCC’s determinations, please click the respective Public Register numbers.

Public Register # Applicant Application Date Conduct Decision Date Status Documents Link
A2015-21 Air Niugini 2015-05-29 Codeshare Agreement InProgress Documents
A2015-20 Air Niugini 2015-05-29 Codeshare Agreement inprogress Documents
A2015-19 Puma Energy (PNG) Limited 2015-05-06 Acquisition inprogress Documents
A2015-18 Air Niugini 2015-04-28 Codeshare Agreement inprogress Documents
A2014-17 Independent Public Business Corporation 2014-08-18 Acquisition of Portion of Motukea Port 2014-09-17 authorised Documents
A2013-16 Air Niugini 2013-04-22 Freight Code-share Agreement 2014-02-28 authorised Documents
A2012-15 Airlines PNG 2012-11-29 Codeshare Agreement 2013-08-16 authorised Documents
A2012-14 Hoskins Oil Palm Growers Association 2012-09-13 Joint Pricing Agreement authorised Documents
A2012-13 Air Niugini 2012-04-27 Codeshare Agreement 2012-12-28 authorised Documents
A2011-12 Hoskins Oil Palm Growers Association 2011-10-05 Joint Pricing Arrangement 2009-12-02 authorised Documents
A2009-08 SPI Distribution Limited (InterOil) 2009-08-07 SOPL Acquisition denied Documents
A2009-09 Air Nuigini 2009-08-06 Codeshare Agreement 2009-12-18 authorised Documents
A2008-07 Airlines PNG 2008-09-10 Codeshare Agreement 2008-11-11 authorised Documents
A2007-06 Air Niugini 2007-04-04 Codeshare Agreement 2007-11-16 authorised Documents
A2005-03 InterOil 2005-11-23 Distribution Agreement 2006-02-22 authorised Documents
A2004-02 TG Constantinou 2004-03-17 Acquisition 2004-06-09 authorised Documents
A2003-01 Laga Industries 2003-07-28 Acquisition 2003-09-19 authorised Documents