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Product Safety

The purpose of our consumer product safety work is to reduce the sale of unsafe consumer products that can cause injury, harm or even death to consumers, particularly children.

The ICCC is giving priority to establishing “interim” bans on unsafe children’s toys and products. It has introduced a number of interim bans on such goods.

We undertake regular consumer product safety surveys throughout PNG.

We also do a major survey during October/November each year to identify and remove potentially dangerous toys that may be bought as Christmas gifts.

In addition we are in continuous consultation with other international agency partners such as the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission, the Product Safety Consultative Committee (of the states, territories and Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand) and other regulatory bodies and organizations in other countries on product safety issues and other matters affecting consumers.

We closely monitor goods that have been banned in other countries to ensure they are not dumped in PNG.

The ICCC has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PNG Customs and it informs Customs of unsafe products for their monitoring and confiscation at points of entry to PNG.

The ICCC has entered into a MoU with National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology (NISIT).

NISIT has an important function in relation to establishing product safety standards and the Commission has identified standards that will need to be developed in conjunction with NISIT.

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