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Product Recalls

The ICCC is currently in the process of developing other interim bans. These are:

Non-English Labeling on Food Stuff

This has been an issue of concern for some time and is a major area of complaint to the ICCC. Products that are in foreign or non-English labels may pose a risk to the safety of consumers. Consumers may not recognise or understand the ingredients that may procure an allergic reaction or may misinterpret warnings or instructions that accompany the product.

Also they may not understand directions for food preparation or storage that appear on the packaging.

Bunk Beds

The ICCC has identified several features of bunk beds that may cause harm or injury particularly to young children. It endeavored to consult with the industry but the industry was non responsive. The Commission gazetted an intention to ban certain unsafe bunk beds on 16th of October, 2013 and the industry has now sought consultation with the Commission over the timing of the introduction of a ban. Link to legislation/public register

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