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Product Recalls

For product recall, the ICCC Act 2002 empowers the Commission to carry out recalls in the event that a product in the market will or is likely to affect the health or safety of consumers.

See the pdf Product Recall Brochure (414 KB) for more information.

Within the ICCC Act, there are two instances of product recall and they are:

1. Compulsory

Where the ICCC does a recall based on its assessment that the product will or may cause injury, does not comply with a prescribed consumer product safety standard or are covered by an interim/ permanent ban.

2. Voluntary

Where the supplier of the good orders a recall. The ICCC Act 2002, states that the Commission has to be notified of this recall within two days.

The Commission has an arrangement with Australia to inform us of recalled products and is currently in discussion with an international agency to inform the Commission of recalls at an international level. The Commission undertakes regular market place surveys in relation to recalled products.

Karicare Infant Formula

The Commission issued a recall notice on the Karicare Infant Formula on 14th August 2013 and in effect, placing an interim ban on the product. This was due to reports from the manufacturer, Nutricia New Zealand, announcing a recall of its product through its website that whey proteins concentrates (WPC) that were used in its products may have had residues of the potential contaminated raw material leading to Botulism. Botulism is a hurtful substance caused by eating food infected with the bacterium Clostridium Botulin, which produces botulin toxin. The bacterium grows in food that has been improperly packed in canned foods.

Nutricia presented its final test results to the Ministry of Primary Industries which showed that the Clostridium bacteria present in the three batches of Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) 80 was Clostridium Sporogenes, a species that does not produce harmful toxins and is a non-pathogenic and therefore does not pose any food safety risk.

On 28th September 2013, the ICCC issued a revocation notice lifting the recall and interim ban. For further information, refer to the Bans and Media link.

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