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The Independent Consumer & Competition Commission (Commission) formally informs all stakeholders and the general public of the release of the Draft Report for the Sugar Industry Pricing Review undertaken by the Commission. The Draft Report contains the Commission’s key findings and draft determinations.

The existing pricing arrangement for the sugar products expires on 31st December, 2018. Thus, the Commission undertook the Sugar Industry Pricing Review to make a decision on whether it should continue with the current price monitoring arrangement, vary or cease regulation. Based on its assessment and review of the market and the industry, the Commission has made a draft determination that it would continue with the price monitoring but with changes made to the existing arrangement. This is to ensure monitoring of sugar prices and products is effectively undertaken by the Commission on behalf of consumers.

The review process followed by the Commission to facilitate public comment through a wider Public consultancy process is set out below.





Issuance of public notice on the Review’s Issues Paper

27th June, 2018


Close of comments and submissions to the Public Notice

27th July, 2018


Release of the Draft Report

05th December, 2018


Close of comments and submissions to the Draft Report

09th January, 2019


Release of the Final Report (including Final Pricing Order)

31st January, 2019


The Commission takes this opportunity to thank every industry stakeholder, key Government Departments and interested parties who have assisted the Commission in providing data and who have so far provided comments and submissions on the Public Notice. The submissions and comments have greatly assisted the Commission to form its Draft Determinations.

The Commission again invites all stakeholders and the general public to provide submissions and comments on the Draft Report. Based on comments and submissions received, the Commission will make its final determinations and release a Final Report on 31st January, 2019.

Hard Copies of the Draft Report can be obtained at the reception counter of the Commission’s office at 1st floor Garden City Complex, Boroko or from the Commission’s regional offices in Goroka, Lae and Kokopo. Soft copies can also be accessed from the ICCC website,

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