Awareness is a key area in consumer protection hence the ICCC strives to promote awareness among businesses and consumers alike in PNG. The ICCC recognises that for consumer protection laws to be effective, it is essential for consumers to be aware of their rights and the roles of the ICCC. Businesses also must be aware of their responsibilities and the requirements for proper market conducts so consumer welfare is upheld.

The ICCC through the consumer protection division strives to conduct awareness in the following manner;

Monthly Awareness

Monthly consumer awareness activities are conducted at the 4 regional offices of the ICCC;

World Consumer Rights Day

This day is commemorated annually at the 4 regional offices of the ICCC, on the 15th March, in collaboration with Consumer International, where consumers are educated about their consumer rights and responsibilities;

Other Events

The CPCCC is an avenue that the ICCC utilises twice a year to bring awareness to the business community about business responsibilities in consumer protection.