Compliance Reports

A key function of CPD is to ensure that there is a promotion of compliance with consumer protection laws and regulations. A compliance sweep inspection is conducted quarterly over 2 – 3 weeks. This involves intensive enforcement engagement and spot inspection exercises targeting businesses according to the main core functions of the consumer protection law. The activities undertaken in the compliance sweep inspection are:

Pricing (prices of declared goods/products and services including other essential/basic items); and

Health & Safety (Banned products, counterfeits, sub-standard items, damaged and expired goods, food preparation and storage areas, etc.),

Packaging & Labelling/Bread (products that do not meet the approved packaging and labeling requirements); and

Trade Measurement Identification of non-automatic weighing and measuring instruments under the class III category (NAWI).

As the ICCC ensures transparency and accountability in its efforts to safeguard consumer rights, the reports generated by the ICCC serve as valuable resources for understanding market trends, identifying potential issues, and formulating effective policies to protect consumers.

See below the report for the Compliance Exercises carried out by CPD.