The ICCC’s Regulated Industries Division sets the annual tariffs for the regulated entities of the declared services provided by these entities. The regulated entities submit their proposed annual tariffs to the ICCC pursuant to each regulatory contract for assessment and approval.

The ICCC’s Regulated Industries Division after its assessment of the proposed tariffs for each regulated entity, only approves the tariffs for the subsequent regulatory year once every conditions and requirements are met consistent with each regulatory contract.

The tariffs set for the regulated services are;

50-gram letters and rental for private letter boxes and bags for Post PNG Limited;

Essential Port Services – Wharfage, Berthage, and Berth Reservation for PNG Ports Cooperation Limited; and

Compulsory Third-Party Premiums for Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited.

2024 Tariffs

National Gazette for PNG Ports' 2024 Maximum Allowable Tariffs

 National Gazette | 27th of October 2023