Trade Measurement

Trade measurement is an important component of consumer protection. The ICCC ensures that traders accurately measure and mark products with accurate information to give consumers confidence and transparency in commercial transactions. In the Commission’s certification process, traders’ instruments that are used for trade must meet the required standards and adhere to trade measurement regulations are certified under the Trade Measurement Act and Regulation. Consumers can trust certified traders to provide accurate weights, measures, and quantities, ensuring a fair and trustworthy marketplace.

a. Certified TM Traders

The ICCC certifies measuring instruments that are used for trade. Below is the list of traders the ICCC has certified by year:

b. Registered Weighman

When an organization has set up a weighbridge for public use, the operator of that weighbridge must register with the ICCC as a weighman.

c. Client Registration Form

When a company purchases new measuring instruments that will be used to charge consumers, they have the instrument inspected and certified by the ICCC.

It is illegal for companies to use uncertified measuring instruments to charge customers. Therefore, businesses must register their measuring instruments by filling out this form.