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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Division Staff - Head Office

Consumer Protection Divisional Staff - Head Office

Primary Functions

The ICCC, through its Consumer Protection Division, strives to protect and promote the rights and interests of the consumers of Papua New Guinea.

Consumer protection’s role is to advocate on behalf of consumers and protect their rights and interests. In consumer protection, the key functions of the Commission are:

  1. To formulate and submit to the Minister policies in the interest of consumers,
  2. To consider and examine and where necessary, advise the Minister on the consolidation or updating of legislation providing protection to the consumer in the areas of public health, trade and commerce, motor vehicles and motor vehicle insurance, price surveillance and control, services and such other areas as may be required, and
  3. To liaise with other Departments and other government agencies in matters relating to consumer protection legislation

Other Functions include:

  • Creating awareness and promoting consumer rights and interests in accordance with the provisions of law,
  • Conducting investigations and taking appropriate action in relation to potential breaches of the consumer protection law,
  • Monitoring consumer product safety by conducting market surveys and monitoring international developments,
  • Issuing warning notices on potentially unsafe goods, developing consumer product and information standards and introducing ‘interim’ bans and permanent bans on unsafe or potentially unsafe goods,
  • Conducting product recalls on unsafe goods,
  • Conduct marketplace surveys on pricing on declared goods and services and that the appropriate service standards are followed,
  • Undertaking checks, inspections of various weighting and measuring instruments used by the relevant industries (such as manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing, service, etc.) and,
  • Monitoring the market place to ensure correct pricing of fuel and regulated services and the appropriate service standards are followed.

These functions are broadly reflected in the Divisions main areas of operations which are:

  • Resolving and or assisting complaints, enquiries and problems involving misrepresentations in commercial advertising or unfair advertising,
  • Assisting consumer who have purchased shoddy goods or goods that do not perform the functions that traders claim they do or goods that do not correspond with claims on the packaging,
  • Removing unsafe or potentially unsafe consumer goods from the market or alerting consumers potential dangers relating to unsafe consumer goods
  • Ensuring measuring apparatus are accurate, and
  • Coordinating the Commission’s consultation and education program.

Supply of Shoddy Goods

The Commission encourages consumers and small business to inform it of complaints, concerns or problems with goods they may have purchased or services with which they have been provided. In some cases the Commission will contact the trader complained of or in other cases it will provide an outline of a letter that a consumer may use to write to the trader.

What should consumers do?

  • Consumers may contact the Commission on its toll free number  180 3333, or
  • They may call at any of the offices shown on the contact us page, or
  • They may use the information provided in our complaints enquiry page to write to the trader or speak with the trader, or
  • They may complete the online complaint/enquiry Form and submitting it to the Commission.
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